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Committee Members & Roles.

Committee Members Roles and Responsibilities

Chairperson – Matt Kerrison

  • To generally manage and lead the club in accordance with its rules and constitution.
  • To Chair committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
  • To make available documents, including minutes for committee members.
  • To ensure all committee members are aware of their role and responsibilities.

Vice chairperson – Pete Musgrove

  • To support the Club’s Chairperson
  • To stand in for the Club’s Chairperson when necessary.
  • To attend committee meetings.

Club Secretary – Geoff Gardiner

  • To deal with day to day correspondence to do with club and to keep records of any correspondence sent.
  • To arrange committee meetings and AGM and to keep minutes and send to committee.
  • To liaise with other clubs and cycling federations.
  • To be a point of contact for British Cycling, CTT and other clubs.
  • To collate and keep records of memberships.

Treasurer – Tim Plackett

  • To produce detailed and accurate accounts of the clubs transactions.
  • To submit these records for inspection by duly appointed auditors each year within two weeks of the AGM.
  • To receive money collected for club events.
  • To keep records of money collected through membership.
  • To pay club bills.
  • To keep account records for money collected and paid out.
  • To countersign checks with president or Club Secretary.
  • To manage the clubs bank account.
  • To send club charity donations decided by committee.

Racing officer – Tom Llewellyn

  • To advise the committee and members, details of any relevant race events in throughout the season.
  • To co-ordinate with other clubs for dates and events.
  • To keep records of race times for the season.
  • To organise inter-club races with other neighbouring clubs.

Welfare officer – Tim Plackett

  • The Welfare officer will have experience in this area or at least have attended a recognised NCF Child protection course and have been audited by the Police (DBS) and the National Body.
  • To ensure Mansfield Road Club comply with British Cycling’s policy and procedures for the protection of children and vulnerable adults.
  • To receive, record and report to the British Cycling Protection Officer and concerns relating to the welfare of any young people or vulnerable adults.
  • To attend committee meetings.
  • To be available and accessible to all members, volunteers and parents so that they are aware of who to contact on welfare issues.
  • To advise chairperson and committee in relation to any safeguarding issues relating to Mansfield Road Club.

Riders officer – Louise Whitworth

  • To be an ambassador for the club, liaise with club members and convey any concerns and expectations to the committee.

Clothing officer – Richard Scott

  • To work with our kit suppliers in arranging order windows.
  • To act as a point of contact between Club members and kit supplier.

Webmaster – Kev Clarke

  • To maintain and operate the MRC Website.
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