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Frequently asked questions Club Rides.

A club ride is any ride posted to the club ride calendar on the MRC website or the clubs Facebook group page.

All rides that are posted as such by a club member or on behalf of a club member are designated club rides. If you ride to the start of one of our official rides, and choose to ride elsewhere with a smaller group then you are still on the club ride. If you want start at a different time or different starting point you are not on the club ride, unless it has been posted as such as above.

Yes, whilst the club understands this is a subject of some debate, club rules require you to wear a helmet on a club ride. If you do not wear a helmet, you will not be welcome on the ride and will be asked to leave. We believe this is the best decision for the following reasons:

  • The public’s perception of cyclists.
  • If you do have an accident and a helmet would have made a difference, not only could you
    be more seriously injured it would cause unnecessary trauma to your club mates if you were not wearing one.
  • Wearing a cycling helmet is part of British Cycling’s ‘Best practice guidelines’ which as a club we have to follow.

It would be great to see all our MRC club riders wearing club kit, it would also be great if you were proud to wear it, otherwise ask yourself why you joined the club in the first place.
You may also wear club kit on ‘non’ club rides but in both cases please make sure you set a good example as you are a visible MRC club member and as such represent the club to the general public when riding in our colours, it also promotes the club and sets a good example to all other road users.
With that said, it is not an MRC club member requirement.

All Club rides are covered by British Cycling insurance for the club. This will provide third party liability insurance for the MRC club officials in the event of an incident. This is why you must be a member to ride on club rides. If an incident occurs on a club ride and someone tries to sue MRC then the club is protected.

Yes, the club and/or its officials (including the ride leader) are covered for the organisation and management of the ‘Club Ride’. Individual participants are not covered by the club insurance and so are advised to become a ‘Race Gold’, ‘Race Silver’ or ‘Ride’ member of British Cycling to ensure they have the benefit of individual third party (public) liability insurance.

Please visit the British Cyling website for more detailed information.

All new members will have a period of grace of a “few” rides before being required to be a full MRC member under the terms of the British Cycling insurance.

Visiting members are covered and treated on the same basis as any new members.

Any requirement for personal insurance is an individual’s own decision. MRC can accept no responsibility or liability in the event you do not understand your own levels of personal insurance cover. If you are a British Cycling ‘Ride’ or ‘Race’ member, you will have third party liability insurance under that cover for general road riding. If you wish to ‘Race’ you will need a ‘Race’ membership which will state the level of cover included.

Under 18s Club Group Rides

Guidance for young riders (Under 18s) to ride on club group rides without a parent or guardian with them.

As per British Cycling rules and agreement between the MRC committee, we wish to advise of the rules for under 18s riders:

BEFORE a under 18 year old rider arrives on a club ride WITHOUT a parent present, he/she will have to contact the clubs ‘Welfare’ Officer to fill out the required parental consent forms.

Group ride guidance for under 18s:

  • Ensure the relevant forms have been completed as above.
  • Ensure at least 1 adult is identified by MRC before each ride and agreed to take responsibility for U18 riders, and has the emergency contact details available for the U18 next of kin. (Usually contacting the ‘Welfare’ officer will cover this requirement).
  • Ensure there are a number of adults present on the ride, to take responsibility, for example, for crash, puncture or mechanical incidents.
  • U18’s should familiarise themselves with our club rules and riding standards.
  • Please DO NOT wear any headphones at any time during a club group ride.

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