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Road Rides Riding.

As a club we run a variety of road rides, open to all club members.

There will normally be various rides and they are graded to accommodate the widest possible range of club rider abilities.

Most rides will include a cafe stop or stops for coffee and refreshments.

RideAverage Speed (mph)Distance (miles)
Green Ride1220 - 30
Blue Ride16 - 1740 - 60
Red Ride18+50 - 80
Black Ride20+80+
Old Coggers Ride16 - 1750 - 100

In addition to regular weekly rides, other rides are organised throughout the year as follows…

RideDistance (miles)
Skegness one way70 - 100
Skegness & back150+
Bridlington & back200
Big Red Ride63
Chain Gang25
Social Rides30
Other Rides
Other challenging rides, sportives etc
Cycling holiday rides – Majorca etc
Various off road rides
Time trials events
Hill climb events

The express aim is for each ride to be well disciplined and at an appropriate pace. To aid this all rides are colour coded with average expected speeds and distance published for guidance. Regardless of published pace, speed of all rides will be moderated to the riders and conditions on the day and no rider will be left behind.

An experienced rider or the ride leader will arrange and post the rides to the Ride Calendar.

Sunday ride group size shall not be more than fourteen. If more than fourteen riders are doing the same ride the group will be split to form two or more rides with slightly staggered depart times.

Being a club rider has responsibilities and, in the interest of safe, courteous and enjoyable group riding, there are some rules that the Club expects member riders to adhere to.
All riders are expected to;

  • Select a ride within their ability and experience.
  • Indicate intention to ride on the Club events page.
  • Arrive at the meeting point in adequate time and fully prepared to ride off at the published start time.
  • Whenever possible, wear MRC jersey.
  • Be equipped with suitable kit for the weather, wear a helmet and be self-sufficient for repairing any mechanicals e.g. spare tubes and pump, any tools required, drinks, snacks etc
  • Ride within the group, in tight two’s when possible, single file where necessary.
  • Call out if fatigued or the pace is too fast.
  • Follow the guidance of the ride Captain/most experienced group riders.
  • Fit and use mudguards as and when necessary.

By asking all club members to adhere to these straightforward rules, we hope to create a club culture where all our road rides are safe and enjoyable social activities that are courteous towards other road users and a model for group road rides.

How to Ride with us

Select which ride you intend to join. NB the mileage and pace stated. (You will be looked after not abandoned en-route)

Indicate that you will be joining us, use the contact form online

Arrive on time (or we will have left) appropriately dressed for the weather and prepared with food, drinks, spares and tools you may need for repairing any mechanical incidents (We have very experienced riders so don’t worry to much about mechanicals there will be plenty of assistance if required)

Carry cash or card for the cafe stop

Enjoy the ride, chat to the members and after two or three rides decide whether to join the club officially.
Membership only £15 per year and you get £10 off your first jersey order.   

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