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Dirty Reiver

This 200km (122 miles) Gravel cycling event is one continuous loop with three feed stations at 52km, 103km and 154km approx. and there is 3100m (12,000ft) of ascent. Set in the Kieder forest on the England – Scotland border in Northumberland.

The weather was kind this year, with no rain and light winds, but still quite cold at around 2 degrees on the start line.

Mechanical problems hampered a couple of the riders making them fall short of their ride plans, but still a great effort by all MRC entrants.

“The hardest day on the bike I’ve ever had, longest ride and most elevation. An absolute blast and fantastic experience” – Ash Smith MRC

“Really enjoyed that – climbs weren’t that bad – not too steep – relieved I had no mechanicals and stayed upright” 😳- Richard Scott MRC

“After a 2 mile walk I got to the sweeps. Sitting plum last and in no man’s land they finally got me up and running! Got to feed station 2 and saw the old man so rode it back together – disappointed not to do the full ride as legs felt good but there’s always next year!” – Adam Shaw MRC

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