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This years Big Red Ride turned out to be a very wet ride, but was still a success with over 150 riders signing up for the event.

The route had to be amended two days before, due to a surprise road closure reported by one our our members, whist doing a part of the course on the Friday before the event.

Parts of the route were new this year in an attempt to take out some of the rougher roads, to make it a smoother ride, and from feedback after the event were received positively.

The start and finish headquarters at The John Fretwell Sporting Complex provided start and finish drinks and snacks, and the use of all the facilities of the complex.

The weather improved greatly throughout the day, and it turned out to be a beautiful day by 12 noon. This did not help the riders though, as many were back by then!

Never mind, better luck next year. Hope you can join us.

Jake and Pete
Big Red Ride Start
Big Red Ride Recovery
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