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Applying for Membership

Before applying for an MRC Membership, we recommend browsing through the different types of rides we offer, FAQ’s and safety guidelines. Pay particular attention to the advice given and how you will need to comply with the club rules and conduct once you become a member.

Payment Methods

We offer several ways to pay for your MRC membership. Once you have selected your membership plan, you will be taken to the registration page where you will be able to choose your payment method. If you are already a member and just want to renew your membership, you can do this by  Logging in and visiting your Dashboard/Subscriptions. When renewal is required a payment button will be shown.

by choosing this method you will be shown payment details after you have completed the online registration form. You should also receive an email confirmation with the same payment details.
Once you have made the payment transfer you will need to contact us by email with a copy of your payment details. Once received, your membership account will be updated.

choosing this method will allow you to make payments using your Debit or Credit cards.
Payments are made off-site, using Stripe’s own secure payment system.

After payment has been received by either method, please allow up to 48hrs for us to update your membership account.

MRC Senior Membership

12 Months Membership Senior (>18 years of age)

MRC Young Person Membership

12 Months Membership Young Person (<18 years of age)

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